Business IT Support

  • PC Maintenance
    Your PC requires regular attention to keep it operating at its optimum efficiency. If you have noticed that your computer is slow at opening programs or just generally not as fast as it was when you bought it we can help. We can clean up your PC to make it run faster and give you tips and tricks to keep it that way.

  • PC Repair
    From time to time individual components in your computer may fail. This may result in your PC failing to start or perform erratically. We can diagnose and fix all of your PC issues.

  • Bespoke Software Applications
    We write bespoke applications for out clients

  • New PC Setup
    Off the shelf PCs tend to come with pre-installed software that isn’t necessary and prevents you PC running as fast as it can. You also need to setup all your old software again and transfer email accounts to name a few. We can take this headache away for you.

  • PC Anti-virus
    There is much written on the subject of Anti-Virus software. With good (free) software and good habits you don’t need to pay for a subscription to keep your PC protected. Contact us for advice and support.

  • Networking
    Networking your devices can be one of the biggest problems in the home environment. Wireless signals can be weak and unreliable due to many reasons. There are many options to resolve these issues but each home is different and may need a bespoke approach. Contact us for advice.